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map of where Lowton and Golborne are in the UK

Although Golborne and Lowton are geographically close they are different. Lowton has seen much residential development in recent years most recently with the building of Leigh Sports Village on its doorstep. Golborne was until fairly recently dominated by its colliery and was the scene of a tragic explosion in 1979 which caused the death of several miners. It was only ten after that tragic accident that the colliery was closed and is now being reclaimed for development of new leisure and commercial industries.

Golborne town & Lowton village lie within the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, in Greater Manchester, England. It lies 5.4 miles (8.7 km) south-southeast of Wigan, 6.1 miles (9.8 km) northeast of Warrington and 13.8 miles (22.2 km) to the west of the city of Manchester.

Historically a part of Lancashire, Golborne and Lowton owes most of its growth to the mining and textile industry. Lowton on the otherhand was mostly agricultural in and around the village, and many farms still belong to the families who originally owned them.